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Dunbars Auction History

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Moonlight_Kid.gif (71520 bytes)

Moonlight Kid I Auction, December 1993, Motorcycle Memorabilia. This full color catalogue started it all. After collecting cast iron motorcycle toys from the 1930's and vintage memorabilia for twenty years, we wanted to kickoff our auctions with a bang. So, we sold our own collection, including rare"Say It With Flowers", Vindex bikes,and the sublime 1928 Harley-Davidson hill climber poster, another example of which hangs in the Smithsonian Institute. This catalogue has been sold on show tables for $40! Eighty-five choice items.

Paper_Moon_2.gif (70744 bytes)

Paper Moon II Auction, October 4, 1996. Our second auction of country store and automotive posters and signs. We offer everything from a fabulous Coca-Cola drive in sign to Lay or Bust Seeds tin sign to hunting memorabilia to a rare and early Texaco Filling Station Sign, brilliant in full color. One hundred thirty-one items.

Moonlight_Kid_2.gif (78093 bytes)

Moonlight Kid II Auction, April 12, 1996, Motorcycle Memorabilia. With the astounding results from our first sale and the resulting consignments, we knew we were onto something. This sale featured more great cast iron bikes, as well a pipe full of Harley and Indian catalogues, AMA smalls, tin toys, and the highlight, Steve McQueen's 1928 Indian Scout, all in full color. One hundred sixty-three items.

Moonlight_Kid_4.gif (106972 bytes)

Moonlight Kid IV Auction, April 4, 1997. Motorcycle and Automotive Memorabilia. In this auction we ran the gamut, from an Elvis Enthusiast, great Indian Authorized Dealer flange sign, early Harley Enthusiasts and motorcycling magazines, more toys, catalogues, posters, accessories, a collection of early Indian smalls and some great automotive signs and tins from the1920's-50's. A must for the biker/car collector. Two hundred sixty-one items shown in full color.

MoonLight_Kid_5.gif (112977 bytes)

Moonlight Kid V Auction, October 24,1997.  Motorcycle And Automotive Memorabilia. We continue the cycle/car theme with a fantastic automotive pocket watch collection, Harley poster collection, auto dealer porcelain sign collection, aviation memorabilia and the usual great selection of smalls, posters, pennants, toys and oilcans. All items photographed in color. Two hundred sixty-two items.

Xmas_Moon_1.gif (134388 bytes)

Christmas Moon I, December 5, 1997. This was our one and only foray into Christmas. I would love more, but it just hasn't come our way. We offered some neat stuff, in full color (what else?) , like Tom Pritchard's glass ornament collection, Hugh Luck's Matchless Wonder Stars (and you thought he was just a one holiday kind of guy); snow-babies, Santas, elf lawn ornaments, Belsnickles, Kugels, and a lot more. Two hundred items.

Hallowmoon_3.gif (183489 bytes)

Hallowmoon III Auction, June 1996. Continuation of our auction series featuring great Halloween memorabilia , including lanterns, candy containers, great paper, etc, in , of course, full color.

Hugh_Luck_Halloween_Collection.gif (105367 bytes)

Hugh Luck Part I Halloween Collection Auction, May 9, 1997. For fifteen years, Hugh Luck was one of the top collectors of Halloween items. His collection was heavily profiled in Stuart Schneider's book, Halloween In America. I have been very fortunate to meet and get to know Hugh. Not only does he have a great eye for quality, being an artist himself he appreciated in particular the whimsy imbued in the German made Halloween items imported by the US from the turn of the century to the 1930's. The only reason Hugh sold his collection was to buy his dream house, AKA, "The House That Pumpkins Built." Today Hugh is happy in his home, and he still sneaks in an occasional paper Halloween piece into his other displays.

In the first sale, we offer Hugh's great German mechanical Devil walker; full body baby lantern; early Bogie Books; boxed die-cuts; jol champagne candy container; tambourines, mushroom man windup rocking toy; early postcards, and much, much more, in, yes, full color (detecting a trend here?) Two-hundred thirty items.


Hugh_Luck_2.gif (101983 bytes)

Hugh Luck Part II Halloween Collection Auction, September 19, 1997. After a sale where many records went up in a poof of cauldron smoke, we were wondering if there would be the same excitement. We needn't have worried. More spectacular pieces brought collectors through the walls. Here we offered Hugh's best piece, a magnificent German hand painted Parade Lantern from the turn of the century; pumpkin blossom jol; 1940's witch mechanical store display; composition devil/witch lantern; Beistle Rustic Fireplace; segment two of Hugh's postcard collection and much, much more. Two hundred ninety-one items.

Moonlight_Kid_7.gif (121558 bytes)

Moonlight Kid VII Auction, October 17, 1998. Our final Motorcycle Memorabilia auction. This sale, shown in full color, was dominated by a great early literature collection, early postcard collection, and early magazine collection, as well as our usual great selection of toys, signs, clocks, photos and smalls. Two hundred and fifty nine items.

Hallowmoon_6.gif (126225 bytes)

Hallowmoon VI Auction, February 21, 1998. This was our final Halloween auction.  

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Dunbar's Gallery Auction History

From 1993-1998, our gallery sold  thousands of  items for consignors and from our own collections through our Moonlight Kid, Paper Moon, Hallowmoon and Christmas Moon absentee auction series. Bidders from all over the globe participated via phone, fax and email. As we have been largely a mail order business since 1987 we understand the necessity of quality photography, item selection and accurate description.  These successful results prove our efforts in 18 auctions and several thousand quality items sold with negligible returns. We have established a trusting relationship and strong reputation with both consignors and purchasers. 

The Moonlight Kid and Paper Moon auctions featured vintage motorcycle memorabilia;  country store and automotive advertising; Hallowmoon and Hugh Luck featured vintage Halloween memorabilia;  the Christmas Moon auction speaks for itself.  Several of these reference catalogs in full color are still available from Dunbars and are listed above.  Group or single purchases can be arraigned on an individual basis via email at

Dunbars Gallery Background

For thirty years bringing "the store to your door" offering vintage antique toys, advertising, folk art, Dedham Pottery, motorcycle and automotive memorabilia.  The ultimate in eclectic / eccentric collectables.   This unexpected gallery operates from our former auto salvage junk yard established in 1955.

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